Blanket Warmers

Blanket Warmers

Blanket warmers ensure patient comfort

Enthermics blanket warming units ensure a comfortable, pleasant patient experience and improved patient satisfaction. We surround blankets with safe, comfortable, full-wall warmth with our patented multi-zone heating system (Patent number US 8,217,316). Our blanket warmers can be set as high as 93°C/200°F, as much as 28°C/50°F higher than competitive units, to keep blankets warmer longer. 

Size it Right

Which blanket warmer capacity is right for you? It’s a frequently asked question and determining the right size is important. It just takes a little math:

  1. Fold the blanket any way you like, being sure not to compress the blanket.
  2. Measure the width, depth and height of the blanket in inches.
  3. Convert to cubic foot volume: W x D x H/1728 = cubic foot volume
  4. How many blankets do you use in a two hour period?
  5. (Step 3) x (Step 4 x 2) = Total capacity needed

Enthermics is ISO 13485:2003 certified.

  • DC150
    (1.5 cubic feet cap.)
    DC150 Blanket Warmer
  • DC250
    (2.5 cubic feet cap.)
    DC250 Blanket Warmer
  • DC350
    (3.5 cubic feet cap.)
    DC350 Blanket Warmer
  • DC400
    (4.0 cubic feet cap.)
    DC400 Blanket Warmer
  • DC750
    (7.5 cubic feet cap.)
    DC750 Blanket Warmer
  • EC250
    2.5 ft3 (.07 m3)
    EC250 Blanket Warmer
  • EC350
    3.5 ft3 (.1 m3)
    EC350 Blanket Warmer
  • EC750
    7.5 ft3 (.21 m3)
    EC750 Blanket Warmer
  • EC230
    (2.3 cubic feet cap.)
    EC230 Blanket Warmer
  • EC340
    (3.4 cubic feet cap.)
    EC340 Blanket Warmer
  • EC770
    (7.7 cubic feet cap.)
    EC770 Blanket Warmer
  • EC1540
    (15.4 cubic feet cap.)
    EC1540 Blanket Warmer
  • EC2060
    (20.6 cubic feet cap.)
    EC2060 Blanket Warmer
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