Combination Warming Cabinets

Warm blankets & fluids in the same footprint​. Complete your patient warming system with a combination fluid/blanket warmer from Enthermics. The fluid warming chambers feature a patented heating system and an air-mixing fan to ensure an extremely accurate set-point temperature. The blanket warming chambers ensure a comfortable patient experience and improve patient satisfaction.

Titan Series Combination Warmers

Discover convenience, reliability and affordability with the Titan Series combination warmers. Keep fluids and blankets warm in the same unit with separately controlled chambers.

EC1850BL Combination Blanket/Fluid Warming Cabinet

30-40 Blankets; 30 1-Liter Bottles/24-36 1-L Bags
Discover EC1850BL
EC1730bl Combination Warmer

EC1730BL Combination Blanket/Fluid Warming Cabinets

30-35 Blankets; 30 1-Liter Bottles/24 1-Liter Bags
Discover EC1730BL
EC1260bl Combination Warmer

EC1260BL Combination Blanket/Fluid Warming Cabinets

25-30 Blankets; 18 1-Liter Bottles/28 1-Liter Bags
Discover EC1260BL
EC1540bl Combination Warmer

EC1540BL Combination Blanket/Fluid Warming Cabinet

20-25 Blankets; 54 1-Liter Bottles/72 1-Liter Bags
Discover EC1540BL
Designer Series Combination Warmers

Comforting heat in a convenient, patient-friendly package. The Designer Series blanket and fluid warmers — with a size for any space — are engineered for point-of-care applications with an aesthetically pleasing, quality design. The WarmSafe™ zone heating system with heated shelves ensures every blanket is safely and evenly warmed by adjusting temperature throughout the cabinet.