EC2120BL Combination Blanket/Fluid Warming Cabinet

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Warm your blankets and fluids for busy emergency rooms, operating rooms and labor and deliver units in the convenient, reliable and affordable EC2120BL combination warmer. Separate controls ensure that blankets and fluids are safely and accuratly heated to recommended temperatures. Improve recovery time by efficiently warming patients from admission to discharge, reducing surgical site infections. 

The durable, heavy-duty stainless steel Titan Series blanket warmers quickly and efficiently heat blankets and fluids to precise temperatures using the digital control, ensuring your warmed fluids meet healthcare guidelines for IV and irrigation fluids.

Ensure each bag is safely warmed to recommended temperatures through the WarmSafe™ zone heating system. WarmRight® technology provides the right temperature for the right product to meet healthcare guidelines for IV and irrigation fluids.

  • WarmSafe Zone Heating: Heat is evenly balanced throughout the chamber to provide safe fluid warming.
  • WarmWatch - IV bag Temperature Reader: Know the temperature of every bag of fluid before administering to patients.
  • Convenient: Easily stock and access blankets and fluids from the front and back with the optional pass-through door.
  • Durable: The affordable, rugged stainless steel cabinets are made to last and work just as hard as you do.
  • Mobile: Rugged casters are designed to easily transport warmed fluids and blankets throughout the facility. 
  • Glass Window: The glass window allows staff to take an immediate inventory of the amount of warmed fluids and blankets available
  • Service: Our worldwide support team is dedicated to providing quality equipment. We walk with you every step of the way to maximize your return on investment.
  • Capacity: 30-40 blankets; 30 1-liter bottles, 24 1-liter bags with basket or 36 1-liter bags without basket
  • Interior: 21.2 ft3 (.60 m3)
  • Size: 79.1 in (200.9 cm) H; 30 in (76.2 cm) W; 31.1 in (79.1 cm) D

Features and Benefits

Convenient fluid and blanket warming in the same footprint

CONVENIENT - Keep all your fluids and blankets in the same location for easy access to a full patient warming system. From oncology units to operating rooms, these safe, affordable warming cabinets make it easier to provide the best possible care.

IMPROVED CLINICAL OUTCOMES - Patient warming decreases the risk of surgical site infections by 66%, creating a faster recovery process.


SAFETY - The WarmSafeâ„¢ multi-zone heating technology monitors surfaces for safe temperature ranges. A warming shut-off function prevents overheating.