Fluid Warmers

Enthermics fluid warmers maintain the right temperatures for the right fluids. Safely warm irrigation, injection fluids and contrast media to the recommended temperatures to prevent hypothermia during surgery and other procedures. Enthermics fluid warmers are pre-programmed to warm fluids, ensuring fluids are accurately held at the proper temperatures.

ivNow Fluid Warmers

Improve processes and recovery time by efficiently warming patients from admission to discharge, reducing surgical site infections. The convenient, easy-to-use ivNow® fluid warmers quickly heat and maintain safe temperatures of intravenous and irrigation fluids while saving space and staff time. Warm fluids at the point of use – where you need them, when you need them. 

ivNext Fluid Warmer

Intelligent Fluid Warming. The ivNext® IV inventory management system provides clinicians a simple way to monitor and precisely warm IV bags. Designed for busy nurses and aides, the color-coded lighting inside the warmers indicates which bags are ready, still warming or expired. Prevent hypothermia during surgery, labor & delivery.

Comfort Series Fluid Warmers

Comforting heat in a convenient, patient-friendly package. The Comfort Series fluid warmers are designed for point-of-care applications with an aesthetically pleasing design. WarmSafe™ zone heating ensures fluids are safely and evenly warmed to meet healthcare regulations. The digital control ensures low energy consumption and minimal heat loss while maintaining a precise temperature. 

DC250L Fluid Warmer

DC250L Fluid Warming Cabinet

12-1 Liter Bottles/16 1-Liter Bags
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DC400L Fluid Warmer

20 1-Liter bottles/28 1-Liter Bags
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Titan Series Fluid Warmers

Prevent hypothermia during surgery, labor & deliver, and dialysis. The Titan Series fluid warmers safely maintain accurate set-point temperatures. The durable, affordable stainless steel cabinets are built for hard work and years of dependable service. Designed for busy nurses and aides, the warmers come in various sizes and options to best meet your warming and space needs.

EC250L with optional 2nd basket

EC250L Fluid Warming Cabinet

12 1-Liter Bottles/16 1-Liter Bags
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EC350L Fluid Warming Cabinet

24 1-Liter Bottles/24 1-Liter Bags
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EC400L Fluid Warming Cabinet

20 1-Liter bottles/28 1-Liter Bags
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EC770L Fluid Warming Cabinet

54 1-Liter Bottles/72 1-Liter Bags
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