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Introducing Enthermics' Quick Ship Program
How Enthermics Warms
WarmSafe Posted by Alex Andrews on

Enthermics has always used patented technology in our warming cabinets to ensure heat is distributed evenly to prevent hotspots or overheating. 

Warming Can Help Improve Clinical Outcomes
Posted by Alexandria Andrews on

Healthcare clinics, hospitals, and surgery centers use patient warming practices to improve clinical outcomes and patient comfort. But maintaining normothermia for patients is essential when complying with regulatory agencies’ rules and recommendations. 

How to Choose the Right Warming Cabinet for Your Facility
Posted by Monique Leifel on
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Warming cabinets have been around since the 1930s, but are now becoming a much more central aspect of medical facilities to aid in preventing hypothermia as well as enhancing overall patient comfort.  Whether you are operating a full-service hospital or want to provide warm blankets to nursing home residents, it is important to pick the right cabinet to fulfill your facility’s needs.

How can you be sure you are picking the correct unit for your requirements and space?  Here are some variables to consider that will help make your decision easier.