Tips For Managing Patient Temperature in the OR

Posted by Sarah Millard on

When it comes to the temperature of the OR, staff members can always debate whether it is too hot or too cold. But when it comes to patient comfort and preventing hypothermia, temperature management is a priority for better clinical outcomes. Patient warming technology can help OR staff maintain patient normothermia, according to a recent article in Surgical Products.

From the article:

As is the case with all decisions regarding new surgical technologies, what is best for the patient must also sync with what is the most financially responsible option for the hospital or surgical center. Matthew Rotterman, vice president of sales at Enthermics Medical notes that normothermia is a challenge for many facilities because of the need to balance “the best and most cost-effective ways” to meet these dual goals.

With these concepts driving new product development, the industry has responded with a number of approaches and technologies focused on providing effective and efficient patient care. Due to the length of many procedures and the time it takes for some of them to reach a point of impact, the benefits of effective pre-warming is paramount to prevention. Pre-warming approaches are not isolated to patients or a singular stage of a procedure, but can include fluids, blankets and other coverings. …

Rotterman adds that, “In the proper instances, using a pre-warmed bag of IV fluid can reduce medical waste and save on the cost of in-line warming disposables. The savings are significant when you add the cost of the disposables over time.”

Read the full article, including additional comments from Rotterman about patient warming technologies, on Surgical Products.

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