How Enthermics Creates Safe and Innovative Warming Products

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Designing Efficient Safety Features for Warming Cabinets

At Enthermics, safety starts at the design table. Our designers create features that maintain the security of the cabinets such as:

  • An epoxy coating able to resist extreme temperature and hard impacts
  • A built-in filter system for lint
  • Non-skid rubber feet that secure the cabinets on countertops. Advanced models like the EC2060 and EC1540 have heavy-duty casters that maintain the stability of the cabinet.

Warming units also have features to prevent disaster like:

  • A warming shut-off system to eliminate the risk of overheating.
  • Power failure protections that will retain programming and continue to manage the unit until power is restored.

Designing Efficient Safety Features for Fluid Warmers

The Enthermics design team puts just as much effort into creating safety features for the brand’s fluid warmers like ivNow. Security features include:

  • Automatic recording of how long each bag has been warming in compliance with healthcare regulations
  • Digital display that shows the temperature of each bag during warming
  • Alert system after 14 days of continuous warming that allows medical staff to discard the bag
  • Different configurations such as the countertop, mobile pole or wall units to provide the right design for each scenario

Safety features are not enough to ensure Enthermics products comply with regulations and standards, in any case. Each unit must also go through a quality assurance inspection.

What Does a Quality Check Look Like at Enthermics?

The designers at Enthermics put much thought into what features make their products safe, but it’s the Quality Assurance team that inspects each unit to make sure they work. A standard quality check means each unit goes through final inspection by a trained Quality Assurance technician, according to Quality Assurance Manager Nicole Polley.

The technicians do:

  • Electrical safety testing
  • Thermal performance testing
  • A visual inspection of the unit checking for defects and proper labeling.

The design and QA teams continually monitor AORN guidelines to ensure that Enthermics products meet them, as well. They also provide information to customers, so they understand the instructions and the safety features for both warming cabinets and fluid warmers.

Quality assurance doesn’t stop and start at the design and QA departments, however. Enthermics trains each employee to understand what impacts product quality to ensure safety plays a central role in the company.

Also, Enthermics has an effective corrective action process in the rare instance that quality issues do happen. It allows technicians to determine the cause of the problem and create a solution to resolve it.

Enthermics has been changing the way warming technology works for almost 50 years. The company vision focuses on two words: “What if?” That phrase drives the innovation process and the safety enhances both.

Enthermics backs up their safety promise with training opportunities, technical service and warranties, too. A poorly made warming product puts patients and staff at risk. Enthermics strives to maintain and enhance safety to create quality warmers that improves workflow and outcomes.

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