Enthermics Warming Technology

WarmSafe Warming Technology
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Enthermics has always used patented technology in our warming cabinets to ensure heat is distributed evenly to prevent hotspots and overheating.

Enthermics Legacy Series utilizes HaloHeat® technology in which Enthermics was founded on.  Halo Heat is a low-heat density electro thermal cable array, positioned in the floor and the two sides of the warming cabinet, providing even heating to the interior chamber.

With the development of Enthermics Designer Series cabinets WarmSafe™ technology was also developed. WarmSafe incorporates a multiple zone warming technology that heats where and when it is needed. The WarmSafe technology uses multiple foil pads on all sides of the cabinet including the shelves to evenly heat the chamber. A benefit to having more than one heat source is that if one pad is down for maintenance the other pads will safely compensate for any lost heat, meaning that the warmer will have no down time.

Both the WarmSafe and HaloHeat technology eliminate the need for fans in our blanket warmers giving Enthermics an advantage over competing systems. Without moving fans there is no circulation of lint or other potential infection control issues. Because there are no moving parts in Enthermics blanket warmers our units are virtually silent making them ideal for point of care.

 With HaloHeat and WarmSafe technology you can be sure that your blankets and fluids are being safely and evenly warmed. 

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