How Enthermics Maintains Efficiency

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Enthermics believes in responsible conservation, too. Our warming product technology is built around the concept of efficiency. Warming interventions like blankets and IV fluids have a proven positive effect on patient comfort while lowering anxiety levels and when done efficiently, they cut costs, as well. Consider some of the most efficient features of Enthermics warming products.


Enthermics ivNow fluid warmer heats IV bags up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit in just 30 minutes. The design of the warming device ensures that the machine operates at peak while working to control waste at the same time. Cost containment by reducing IV waste lowers overall medical costs.

The ivNow units have a built-in anodized aluminum heating plate. In other words, Enthermics takes one of the most environmentally friendly metals and adds a corrosion-resistant finish to preserve and extend the life of the heating plate.

The anodizing process uses no solvents or other environmentally toxic chemicals — a small amount of pigment is secure within the hard surface of the metal. The anodic coating protects the surface of the ivNow heating plates.

In addition, recording the duration of warming the unit allows for the full use of each bag reducing waste. There are no disposables, and the point-of-care design saves space and improves workflow.

Designer & Titan Series Fluid and Blanket Warmers 

The combination warming cabinet from Enthermics allows the warming of blankets and fluids in one unit. The Titan series cabinet is constructed with durable stainless steel, making it strong enough to go unscathed as it moves around a room or the hospital.

Each cabinet has low energy consumption. The doors contain energy efficient safety glass that seals and holds heat, while providing visibility with minimal heat loss. The units shut off when the temperature is evenly distributed to prevent energy waste or overheating.

The heating cabinets come in different sizes and compartment variations to make full use of the heating space. A department that requires more blankets than warm fluid bags can get a warming cabinet that fits their needs, for example.

Enthermics Quick Ship Policy

Enthermics believes in internal efficiency, as well. Our quick ship program offers fast and convenient same or next day shipping on most models. The goal is to cut down lead time and eliminate the risk of shipping multiple items at different times. It’s a policy that ensures hospitals and clinics have the warming products they need when they need them to maximize their work efficiency and improve patient comfort. To learn more about our Quick Ship policy, follow this link

Since 1980, Enthermics Medical Systems has been changing the face of warming technology, allowing medical facilities to grow in efficiency while cutting costs and improving patient satisfaction. All products are cycle tested before leaving the facility. For more information about improving efficiency and patient comfort please contact 

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