The Many Benefits of Warming Surgical Patients

Posted by Megan Harris on

A recent article published by Outpatient Surgery Magazine, Warming to Faster Patient Discharges, confirmed what many in the medical industry have known for a long time: Warming your patients not only increases comfort and satisfaction, but leads to measurably faster discharges.

Often an overlooked benefit of warming, faster discharges are a proven result of actively warmed and comfortable patients. It makes sense doesn't it? The warmer you are, the more comfortable you are. The more comfortable you are, the more quickly you'll feel ready to go home. 

Outpatient Surgery broke down the top five reasons why warming leads to faster discharges. Here is what they came up with:

  1. Less Stress and Pain
    Actively warming patients leads to significantly less stress and anxiety because their muscles are relaxed and there is no shivering. The tense muscles that result from being cold often lead to increased pain and anxiety. Warming these muscles leads to visible relaxation by the patient and creates a more relaxed and enjoyable experience overall.
  2. Decreased Blood Loss
    It is common knowledge that coagulation is impaired by hypothermia. That is part of the reason why hypothermia is such a threat. By maintaining normothermia, patients will experience decreased blood loss and faster wound healing. 
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