Right People, Right Equipment Key to Operating Room Success

Posted by Sarah Millard on

“When you’re a nurse, you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.” – Author unknown

Nurses throughout the world have a calling -- a calling to give the best care to their patients. These patients are often going through difficult, dark times. Sometimes they are rushed into the operating room immediately with a life-threatening condition or injury while doctors and nurses work together to help save their lives.

Family members in the waiting rooms sit impatiently, not knowing if they will have 10 more minutes or 10 more years with their loved one. They are understandably anxious, fearful and hoping with all their heart for the best outcome.

Sometimes all it takes to lift their spirits is a kind word or a calming touch from their nurse, and reassurance that the medical team is doing everything they can to save the loved one’s life.

“People tend to think it’s the surgeon who accounts for 99 percent of everything, but we now understand that it takes a village,” Dr. Bruce Gewertz, surgeon-in-chief at a Los Angeles hospital, told Outpatient Surgery. “To succeed, the village has to be in sync, it has to have the tools it needs, and it has to have the environment it needs.”

Technology has continued to advance in surgeries to prevent surgical site infections and other complications. Equipping your operating rooms with the right tools for the job, from robotic surgical systems down to digitally controlled fluid and blanket warmers, will give staff the resources they need to work with precision to save their patients lives. Convenient technology, such as ivNow® warming equipment, allows you to put IV fluid warming exactly where you need it to be, while saving money on operational expenses compared to other technology like in-line warming.

So when you have the right people and the right equipment in place, you can truly give your patients' loved ones peace of mind, knowing that you will do everything and anything you can for the best possible outcome. 

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