Personalizing Warming Cabinets

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Enthermics recognizes the importance of meeting the healthcare regulations and standards of our customers. In order to meet the standards of our customers, many factors are taken into consideration. We understand there are many different needs in the market, so we provide customizable options for our customers. It's important to understand the different options and their benefits, before purchasing the warming cabinet.

DC & Titan Series

Enthermics offers two different series of warmers, the DC and Titan series. Both series come in various sizes to best meet warming space needs. Deciding whether to choose the DC over Titan series depends on the location of the cabinet, and ultimately personal preference. The DC series is aesthetically pleasing with painted stainless steel exterior, and the lighting inside the warmers creates a comforting, soothing atmosphere. The DC cabinets fit well in a nursing home or labor and delivery rooms where the unit is in close proximity to the patient. The Titan series has a durable, rugged stainless steel exterior perfect for operating rooms and nurses stations.

Security Key

After deciding which series best fits the application, additional options should be taken into consideration. Some options Enthermics provides are security locks, casters, bumpers, and left and right hinge doors. Security locks may be required in some facilities due to internal policies. If this applies to your facility, Enthermics is able to offer a security key to help comply with internal regulations.


If your warming unit sits on the ground, casters will make cleaning the area under and around the warming cabinet a breeze. If the unit has to be moved quite often, casters will take the stress out of lifting the unit back and forth.

Left & Right Hinge Door

Not sure whether to go with a left or right hinge door? If you already have an area that your warming cabinet will be stationed, it's important to assess the area and determine whether your unit will best function with a left or right hinge door.


In addition to the warming cabinets, our ivNow fluid warmer comes with additional options as well. The modular pod design in which a 1,2, or 3 pod configuration is available includes hardware to make installation possibile in a variety of places. The fluid warmer can be mounted to walls, placed on countertops, secured to iv poles and more

Enthermics responds to different needs in the market by providing customizable options for our customers

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