Importance of Keeping Track of Temperatures

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Technological advancements continue to play a major role in the manufacturing process for blanket and fluid warming cabinets. To increase patient satisfaction, Enthermics Medical Systems has taken many operative functions into consideration. 

Providing a design for a third party allows healthcare professionals to maintain exceptional service. Logging a warming cabinet's temperature data can be a timely process without having an automatic medical temperature monitoring system. Enthermics has recognized the correlation between electronic data recording and patient satisfaction. The more time a nurse is able to save tracking temperatures, the more time she will be able to spend assisting the patient.

Our units are now specifically designed to easily install third party temperature management systems. 1Temptrak is primarily recognized for monitoring equipment storage temperatures. The device eliminates the need for labor-intensive manual temperature monitoring and provides real-time, highly-accurate data. Included is a step-by-step-process-on-how-to-install-third-party-systems. If you do not own a device similar to TempTrak, a calibrated thermocouple can be used. Allow the cabinet to stabilize its temperature and make sure the probe is about an inch away from the cavity sensor before recording temperature for the most accurate reading. 

Some Healthcare facilities do not have a strict policy to record and maintain information regarding temperatures of warming cabinets. However, it is important to understand manufacturing instructions for the media being warmed. The plastic that insulates intravenous fluids vary, which indicates different warming instructions and limits variety of media. The ability to recognize warming guidelines is imperative, because warming intravenous fluids longer than the suggested time can increase health risks. 

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