Streamline Your Fluid Warming Process With ivNow

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Almost every patient in the hospital receives a bag of IV fluids. As simple as it seems, warming fluids is a constant challenge for hospitals. With so many different products being used to warm and increased scrutiny from the accreditation agencies, warming fluids has become a labor-intensive task.

In-line warmers and fluid warming cabinets (which are not always readily available or take a long time to warm) have been the most common way to warm fluids until now. The ivNow will warm a 1-liter bag of fluid in approximately 25 minutes. A 6-tiered unit will give you access to more than 100-liters of warmed IV fluid in a 10-hour period. The temperature is always set at 104F and there is an automated data recorder built in which tracks the shelf life of each bag and notifies when the bag is expired.

Those features have made the ivNow a favorite of hospitals that strive for perfection when the Joint Commission arrives. The ivNow allows clinicians the opportunity to improve operational efficiencies, clinical outcomes, patient safety and patient satisfaction. It also saves money by reducing the amount of in-line warming disposables needed. It can be used to warm IV and irrigation fluids and is used by almost every department of the hospital. It can be mounted on an equipment pole, booms and headwalls or can be placed on a countertop or wall. The tilt stand gives the option to warm a 3-liter bag of fluid.

Opportunity – Improve compliance/JAHCO, AAAA etc. The joint commission requires that fluid warmers are monitored daily for temperature and inventory management
Solution - The ivNow precisely displays the actual temperature while monitoring the shelf life of each bag.

Opportunity – Save time and money on in-line warming set up time and disposable cost.
Solution - The ivNow allows you to use your standard IV set and does not require a disposable. Buy the “razor and razorblade” once and use it for the life of the product

Opportunity – Improve Clinical Outcomes/SSI’s (surgical site infections)   
Solution -Providing your patients with warm fluids reduces the risk for peri-operative hypothermia which reduces their risk for SSI’s by up to 66%

Opportunity – Process improvement / Save footsteps
Solution - The ivNow provides warm fluids next to the patient so there is no need to leave the room or go to other departments to get warm fluids. Not having to leave the O.R. can ensure that the sterile environment is not compromised. 

Opportunity – Space Savings / Footprint
Solution - The ivNow is wall mountable so you can warm fluids and save valuable floor space for other equipment. 

Opportunity – Improve Satisfaction Surveys
Solution - Providing warm blankets and fluids will increase patient comfort and therefore could help to improve patient satisfaction surveys.

Opportunity - Are you billing for every bag?
Solution - Placing the ivNow next to the medication management system ensures that you are providing warmed fluid while billing for every bag.

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