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The life of a nurse is not an easy one but it is rewarding, according to a recent interview with a registered nurse from Children’s Hospital of WI — Paige Varsos. While nursing is about health care, it’s also about providing a support system to individuals at a time when they need it the most.

Having the right tools on hand is a big part of caring for and supporting patients. Warming devices, for example, have true medical benefits but they also give nurses a way to comfort a patient with a little bit of luxury. What more did Paige Varsos have to say about her daily life as a nurse

A Little About Paige Varsos, RN

During the interview, Paige answered some poignant questions about her career and experience as a nurse, such as when she knew that being a nurse was the right choice for her. Paige describes herself as a science/math girl during high school. Her mother and aunt were also in healthcare, so nursing was a natural choice for her.

Since becoming a nurse, she has found that helping others is the most rewarding part of her job. She always enjoys the way the profession continues to evolve with medical devices, too, like warming devices that improve her ability to service her patients.

A Nurse’s Daily Interactions With Warming Devices

Paige works in the cardiac ICU at Children’s Hospital of WI. She encounters critically ill children that need more than just medical care. They are sick, away from home and scared. They need a nurse that is able to provide compassion.

Warming devices such as blanket warmers bring comfort to that child at just the right time. Warming devices are not just about comfort, though. They can reduce the risk of complications from surgery and help relieve stress to improve the overall health of a patient.

What does Paige have to say about warmers?

“...we get a lot of sick kids and babies that get really chilly. A warm blanket is such a comfort to them, and I give one to every child after their bath. We also use CHG wipes every day to prevent infection and those are also in a warmer to provide maximum comfort.”

When asked if warming devices improve the quality of care, she responded:

“Warming devices provide comfort for my patients and give that feeling of compassionate care that everyone looks for when they have a healthcare experience. I know if I was a patient, I would want warm blankets, wipes, fluids, etc. It may be a minute detail, but it’s the small things the make a world of difference.”

Finally, Paige talks about the times warming devices made an impact on her work.

“CHG wipe-downs are a daily part of my nursing routine. In the ICU setting, families are scared and nervous about all the tubes, wires and lines coming from their child’s body, but they still want to help. Numerous times I have told families they are more than welcome to help with the CHG body wipes. Most often when I hand them the package, they are shocked to know we take the time to have them in a warmer to maintain the child’s contentment.”

The daily life of a nurse like Paige Varsos requires flexibility and attention to detail. Adding those little extras to keep her patients content allows Paige to focus on quality care and reducing anxiety for her small patients and their families in a way that improves medical outcomes.

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