Up Next from Enthermics! Fluid Warming with a brain - it thinks, so you don't have to!

Posted by Katja Wolff on

The ivNext was designed to help busy clinicians easily identify the next available bag of warm fluids without the need for temperature probes or other forms of testing for warmth. 

Each iv bag is placed and warmed on its' own individual shelf, alerting the clinician to its' state of readiness with color-coded lighting.

  • Blue - Warming
  • Green = Ready to Use
  • Yellow = Expired

This enables clinicians to use the FIFO (First-In, First-Out) system, leading to faster retrieval of fluids and reducing waste. Immediately replacing a bag upon removal of a warm bag will allow for a steady supply of warm fluids. In addition, when a warm bag is replaced with a cold bag, there is no heat transfer between bags, reducing heat loss and allowing fluids to warm to temperature more quickly. 

The ivNext warms 10 1-liter iv bags and knows exactly when an iv bag has reached the set point temperature (adjustable 32-40°C (90-104°F)). It comes standard with temperature recording software/WarmWatch®, which ensures temperatures are maintained at proper levels and operating free of any errors as well as providing fast record retrieval via the USB drive.  

Fluids are safely warmed to recommended temperatures through Enthermics’ WarmSafe™ zone heating system while the WarmRight® technology provides the right temperature to meet healthcare guidelines for iv fluids. 

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