How Warming Cabinets Can Be Used in Labor and Delivery

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What Kind of Warming Cabinets are Right  for Labor and Delivery?

There are two fundamental benefits warming cabinets in a labor delivery suite can offer: 

  • Warm blankets and towels 
  • Warm IV solution

Like most areas of a medical facility, labor rooms tend to be chilly. Medical professionals understand that cooler temperatures help manage infection risks. Babies and mothers don't know this, though.

How are Warming Cabinets Used in Labor and Delivery?

It's a balancing act to manage the temperature in the delivery rooms. The addtion of blanket warming cabinets and fluid warmers solve this ongoing problem. They allow for safer environmental temperatures while keeping mom and baby warm at the same time. 

It is not merely a comfort issue. Studies show that the risk of hypothermia in newborn infants is high. Even healthy, full-term babies lose significant amounts of heat within the first few minutes of life. Hypothermia puts that baby at risk for intrapartum asphyxia and infection. A warm blanket or towel works to reduce the risk of this complication. 

Warm IV fluids can also benefit mom by preventing shivering that may interfere with the advancement of labor. That level of cold certainly makes mom less comfortable during her stay. 

The Benefits of Enthermics DC150 and DC250 Warming Units

Enthermics Medical Systems has been pioneer in this field for decades, creating patented warming technology that improves care standards and patient outcomes. The DC150 and DC250 warming units are the perfect combination of warm comfort and modern style. Each of these devices offers a compact design that makes them the ideal choice for: 

  • Hospital nurseries
  • Birthing rooms
  • Operating rooms
  • Emergency Rooms

Anywhere where warmth and quiet operation are essential for patient health and comfort. 

The Enthermics blanket warmers are: 

  • Compact for ease of use and point-of-care delivery
  • Stackable
  • Energy efficient 
  • Quiet with no fans

These units can hold either towels or blankets for warming. The small size allows them to sit on countertops or rest on a floor stand to keep them close to the patient without being intrusive. The rounded corners of the cabinets look chic while improving safety. 

The warming cabinets create a spa-like atmoshpere, too. Helping calm anxious moms by making them feel pampered. 

The ivNow fluid warmers can quickly warm intravenous bags and keep them at a safe temperature. Each unit displays the actual temperature and shelf life data of the bags for secure, compliant use. 

Patient satisfaction and safety is the primary concern for both mom and baby. Warming units like those offered by Enthermics for blankets or IV fluid mean quiet operations, increased comfort and improved style for labor and delivery suites. 

Give us a call to learn more about our warming cabinets and the benefits they offer for labor and delivery. 

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