Enthermics Climbs Mount Everest

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The goal of the event is to summit the mountain 17 times in a 36-hour window – each hike is 1.3 miles long and gains 1,750 vertical feet. If we reached our goal, we would have climbed 29029 vertical feet, the height of Mount Everest from sea level.

We have all been training for the past six months and leading up to the event were given access to world-class coaches that focused on helping us sharpen the physical and mental tools that it would take to complete 17 ascents. We also had access to some of the most accomplished people in the business and marketing space that helped to continually explain how the tools that it would take to accomplish this goal are the same tools needed to be successful in business and in our personal lives.

At 7am on Friday, October 18th we began our first ascent. There were parts of the mountain that were complete mud as a result of non-stop rain the previous 2 days. The temperature at the start was well below freezing. It was even colder at the summit, which was covered in snow and ice. After completing the first summit as a team, it was impossible to think that we would be able to do this 16 more times. We all had various mantras and coping strategies to help us remain present and stay in the moment. After all, we did not have to do all 17 summits at once, just “THIS ONE”. To see our team, work so hard to help each other, and connect with and help others gave me such a sense of pride. It was amazing to witness the problem solving, strategizing and commitment to the goal while serving others.

In the end, through many highs and lows, teamwork and unwavering resolve, we all completed our goal of 17 summits in under 36 hours. We did it! We “Climbed Everest”! The mountain provided the perfect backdrop to emulate our workplace and goals. On any given January 1st it is difficult to envision achieving the lofty goals that we strive for. At the beginning of a design project, it is hard to imagine that the product launch will ever come. This team building event and the process leading up to it reinforces my belief in our team’s ability to achieve the goals that we set out to achieve. It has also created a bond that could not be replicated during standard business dealings.

Lastly, the encouragement we received from our team members not on the mountain was appreciated and very heartfelt.

29029 Mantras
Be where your feet are. One-step at a time. You are not alone. No negative self-talk. Don’t quit at a low point. Never walk alone. Serve others to help yourself. The collective is stronger than the individual. This too shall pass. Ride the high moments. I never get tired. Remember tomorrow. Play it forward. We didn’t come this far, to only come this far

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